MetropolisMetropolis 9 Released! 10 on the way!

Metropolis version 9.8(8) is now available on AIX, Linux, Windows.

Version 9 is a major advance in the power and capabilities of MET. Extensive work has been put into Ver 9 to make it almost completely bulletproof on extremly large systems. Click on the link to see all of the new features and changes.

We are hard at work on MET 10 - which will include our new portable METGUI interface. More details.

Click HERE for a METGUI Client Presentation

Click HERE for a METGUI Client Presentation PDF

Also available is the MET-ORACLE Bridge.

EZIDIncrease Desktop Organization!

EZiD™ is the only application of its kind that can automatically maintain Cascaded Windows so that they are always visible when another Window is selected!

EZiD™ organizes your applications and Windows into Cascaded or Stacked DECKS that always have their Title Bar visible - NO MATTER WHICH WINDOW IN THE DECK IS ACTIVE.

In addition to this feature, EZiD also includes the most advanced Virtual Desktop Manager on the market and a version of the MAC's Expose for the PC. coming soon - EZiD for the MAC OSX.

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